About Us

HRZN (pronounced Horizon), is a special and unique type of brand that has been created by three close family friends located in Drogheda, Ireland. The HRZN team aim to reach and empower everyone.

What does HRZN mean?

A Horizon is the limit of a person's knowledge, experience, or interest. The HRZN team believe that there are so many people that are not realising how much potential they have in life. This could involve playing sport, writing, dancing, singing, etc.  We want people to aim higher and not want anyone to limit themselves or to limit the potential they have.

When the team came up with the philosophy to be implemented with the brand, one of the team members said - "move beyond limits".  This resonated with the other two members straight away, and we agreed to make this our slogan.

We want use this platform to encourage people to recognize the skills and talents of others, aswell as reminding everyone to reach for the stars and never give up.

- The HRZN team.