My name is Onai Tafuma I am 22 years old from Drogheda and I am very excited to be featured as the first HRZN spotlight. It only seems right as I’m lit!

 So basically dance is my craft I started when I was 5 my mam threw me into classes and apparently I hated it for like five years but she made me go and I couldnt be more greatful.

The reason I love dance is so difficult for me to pin point tbh as an artist and a creative I fall in and out of love with dance it’s like a weird relationship. As of lately what I loved most about it is seeing how my dance impacts other people to me it’s the most fulfilling feeling and then the release I get will forever be an unexplainable feeling. I love my dance most when I can see it bring joy and Inspire people who know absolutely nothing about it.


I won’t lie and say life is easy , for a lot of us it’s not but I am very blessed to have dance as an escape. I can create what I want with my body to either show or hide emotions. My first love is Music from young I have been infatuated by sound anything I do stems from the core the music, being able to adapt by body to sound and try and move how something sounds even if I’ve heard it 100 times still excites me. I also love how multifaceted dance is there are so many styles and I could honestly just watch dance all day. My favorite thing to do is watch other people Dance especially dance of other disciplines I find watching people loose them self in a song very enriching and inspiring what some people can do with their body reminds me of how limitless they really are. My achievements in Dance are actually mad not going to lie and I only admitted it to my self like last week when I was doing up a new Dance Cv my growth and work rate I can actually sit back and give myself credit for. I hold titles both nationally and internationally I have trained and competed in many countries Performed for major artist in venues like the three arena and the Olympia, featured in movies music video danced for corporations like Google Facebook and mtv I feel like I move Beyond limits because I honestly know no limits.


Anything I say I do and with execution and deliverance. The creative world is filled with so many people trying to be seen and make it so remaining authentic is difficult, no matter what I do or put out I always leave that “onai stamp on it “ I hope to be remembered as an icon who created really cool shit that left and impact on people- Nina Simone said it’s an artists responsibility to reflect the times and that is something I now adapt to everything I create. Being apart of the HRZN family is very important and special to me first of all its real family and secondly the ethos and Mantra I already live by Move beyond limits. My journey with dance it still ongoing and it will be fun consistently changing and evolving as I do. My want Is for my craft and creations to be seen by the world make people smile laugh cry feel and most importantly show them that with hard work and persistence we can attain all the things we want.

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