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Lystus Ebosele - HRZN SPOTLIGHT

My name is Lystus Ebosele, I‘m 20 years old and I’m from Wexford but I‘m living up in Dublin for college, where I‘m going into my third year of Biomedical Health and Life Sciences in UCD. There is no doubt that I’m so gassed to be featured on HRZN Spotlight!!
That’s all the boring stuff sorted, now onto the stuff! It probably looks like I’m training for the apocalypse in that little montage but that’s essentially a good representation of how I’ve been training for the last 8 months.
I’ve always been "athletic“ and spent years doing sports such as athletics, rowing, dance, GAA etc. I only fell in love with training after the very first lockdown. Something just clicked and movement (of any kind) became a PASSION, a form of empowerment and something I really just enjoy.
Being able to move is a whole blessing - we’re literally designed and created to run and to jump and to push our physical limits in every way possible. That’s exactly what I want to do from here on out. I don’t train to look a certain way, I train for PERFORMANCE, I train to become stronger, faster, more agile and more explosive. That in itself gives me major satisfaction. You best believe if there is an apocalypse ima out-survive all of y’all😌
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