Kenneth Fadoju - HRZN SPOTLIGHT

Kenneth Fadoju - HRZN SPOTLIGHT

 My name is Kenneth Tobi Fadoju, my friends call me Kenny. I’m 22 years old from Cavan and I specialise in photography and cinematography. Most on my work is displayed on @kennykenstudios on Instagram. It’s sick that I have the opportunity to be featuring on HRZN spotlight.

I basically started photography and cinematography, when I was clueless to what I wanted to do in life. I was doing a 1 year college course at the time, studying social care and felt lost. This was right around the time I was searching for God, and he lead me to my first camera. I instantly fell in love and started to pursue it, I was completely trash and thought I would never be any better.

Fast forward a few years, I’ve shot for artists in the UK/Ireland, brands, companies and other Irish creatives. My favourite verse in the bible is John 13:7 “you do not know yet what I am doing, but later you will understand”.

I have also done HRZN's promo videos and photos and it has been a pleasure to work with them.

As a cinematographer I’ve learned that a the everything in life is patience and trusting in process.

I feel I’m moving beyond limits by ways of God using me to bring his message to the people seeking him. I learned that photography and videography is a way for me to connect with some of many new people, which is what brings me real joy.

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