My name is Ksav, I’m from Drogheda, before I started rapping I was singing, used to sing in primary school and I preformed at few talent shows and placed high so performing wasn’t new to me. As a kid I’ve always loved music but never once did I think I’d become a rapper but then again my goal as a boy was to become Rich and famous so I mean God works in mysterious ways.

I started writing music close to the end of 2017 but never showed anyone anything until Irish drill became dominant in a scene. At that I still waited because I didn’t want to be that guy to start rapping and didn’t want anyone to say my music was bad but after Offica and BT dropped their first song in October 2018, I became more inclined to show people my music Music means a lot to me because I feel that’s the best way I can express myself.

I’m not a talk active person and I don’t like sharing things but when I write I can put everything down on paper and it helps me.

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